At Waterful we are just like you.  We are Mothers and Fathers, Uncles, Aunts and even Grandparents.

One of our founders, Ruth, is a mother to six children.  Whilst caring for her small babies, Ruth found that many baby wipes contained ingredients that were hard on babies’ delicate skin.  Digging a little deeper Ruth found that many of these ingredients had negative associations and could even be damaging to baby’s health.

An equally serious problem, Ruth found that the baby wipes she had been buying were made almost entirely from plastic and could take up to 100 years to break down.Worse still, many millions of tons of these plastic wipes end up in our oceans every year, with devastating effects.


Our wipes are made from cellulose plant fibres as opposed to plastic, they are much softer than many other wipes on the market.  At 18cm X 20cm, our wipes are also up to 33% larger than many other brands which makes cleaning up that little bit easier!

All of this prompted a serious discussion amongst our family and friends. We resolved to do something about this problem. We set about developing a baby wipe that had no harmful ingredients and was plastic free.

To Save what Matters Most

Did you know that many baby wipes sold today are made from plastic?  Many millions of tons of these plastic wipes find their way into our oceans every year, with devastating effects.    

Waterful was born. Now play your part in making the world a cleaner place. Choose Plastic Free. Choose Waterful.

We’re Waterful™